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         ALL I WANT                 KODALINE                      STRUM :   D  D U  D


C                   F             C

All I want is nothing more

                                      G            Am

To hear you knocking at my door

             F                               C

Cause' if i could see your face once more

              F                    C

I could die a happy man i'm sure


C                                  F             C

When you said your last goodbye

                       G     Am

I died a little bit inside

           F                                      C

And I lay in tears in bed all night

    F                                        C                                         G

Alone without you by my side




                    Am                                F

But if you loved me   why'd' ya leave me

                 C                      G

Take my body take my body

           Am                      F

All I want is and all i need is

                        C                             G

To find somebody I'll find somebody




         C          /     F     C  /  /  /            C   /      G           Am  /  /  /

Like youuu, ohhhh, oh                ohhhhh, ohhhhh, oh

F   /    /   C  /  /  /                F  /   /    C  /  /  /

youuuuuu               Like youuuuuu




      C                                   F       C

So you brought out the best of me,

                               G       Am

A part of me I've never seen.

           F                                           C

You took my soul and wiped it clean.

         F                                  C

Our love was made for movie screens.




              Am  /  /  /                   F  /  /  /                  C /  /  /           G  /  /  /                                

Oh Wo   oh oh         Oh Wo oh oh        Oh Wo oh oh        oh oh           ( REPEAT )            







                           Like you



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