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                 DUBLIN TOWN IN 1962 
                         Dermot o Brien         



  DUBLIN TOWN IN 1962                      D    G    C    G   C    D   G


        G                         D                             G    /                         

My kids say da just tell us one more time,

C                                          G                             D      /
About when you were young and in your prime,

                 /                                G     C                                     G
And the way that you met ma,      and every thing you saw,

          C                      /                               D
And tell us of the things you used to do.

         G                  D                    G                           /
So I closed my eyes      and rolled the years away,

 C                                G                         D      /
And everything's as clear as yesterday,

         /                   G          C                                             G
For how could I forget,     that summer when we met,

            C                          D   G
It was Dublin town in 1962,



 D                          G              C                                   G
All our days were sunny,      all our sky's were blue,

C                             D   G
In Dublin town in 1962.


        G                               D                                G    /
We climed the hill of Howth and down again,

C                                          G                 D      /
Walked home from the piller in the rain

        /                          G     C                                                          G
We courted in the park,      while the lights glowed in the dark,

 C                                           /                  D     /
Danced in Cleary's and the Metrapole till two.

 G                                            D                        G    /

     We crossed the Half penny bridge at evening time,

   C                             G                        D      /
It felt so good to have you by my side,

              /                                  G                       C                                       G
We watched the Mail boat sail,      paper boys cried Hearld or Mail

               C                      D   G
It was Dublin town in 1962.



         G                        D                               G    /
Like many more we kissed it all good bye,

           C                         G                     D      /
And sailed away to give our luck a try,

                   /                       G    C                                                      G
In that land accross the sea,     thats been good to you and me,

                        C                       /                       D
Where our children played as we once used to do

         G                         D                                G       /
Well my kids say da      thats really quiet a tale

C                                          G                D      /
We can see you have the spirit of the gael

                   /                       G       C                                        G
And we know you've no regrets,      and we're very glad you met,

C                             D   G
In Dublin town in 1962                                      REPEAT    [Chorus]           


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                 DUBLIN TOWN IN 1962 
                   by Terry Delaney         

Guitar Lessons Dublin | Guitar lessons Tallaght

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