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             LIKE I USED TO DO      Sean Keane       CAPO 3        1   2 +   3                                                  

                                                                                                                                      D  D U  D



                       D                                        G

There was a time when we'd be the last to leave


                         A7                                                 D

Watching the sun come up while everyone fell asleep


             D                                                                     G

The music was always loud and I'd smoke and drink too much


                     A7                                             D

Until I'd fall in your arms and into your loving touch


                       G                                    D

Now as the years roll by time has reeled me in


                                   A7                                                                      D

I've slowed down a notch or two from the way things were then.






                                       G                                A7

Those old ways of mine I've left them behind

                        G                   D         D7

Those crazy days are through

                                    G                         A

The only thing I still do like I used to do          (  Repeat these two lines at the end  )

                        G            D

Is carry this torch for you.





                             D                                          G

Remember the days when we’d pack my bags and run


                              A                                  D

Chasing some crazy dream into the morning sun


                        D                                    G

Now as the twilight falls I find I'm satisfied


                        A                                                  D

Watching the fire glow just as long as your by my side


                        G                       A           D

Here in my heart it seems,time as passed me by


                         A                                                D

I love you as much today as the very first time




       G         /                      /                 /                   D      /      /        /

And I still want you the way that I wanted you then

                 A            /           /             /          D       /       /       /

If I could do it all over Id do it all over again






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Like I  used  to do


Guitar Lessons Dublin | Guitar lessons Tallaght

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