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             ONE CALL AWAY      Charlie Puth     Capo 1



[Chorus]             C     G    Am                                             F    Am  G

I'm only one call away             I'll be there to save the day

                           C     G        Am                            F    Dm   C

Superman got nothing on me         I'm only one call away





Am            G                   C            F

Call me, baby, if you need a friend

Am      G                         C

I just wanna give you love


C'mon, c'mon, c'mon

Am              G                        C         F

Reaching out to you, so take a chance



Pre Chorus         F                                                  G

  No matter where you go         You know you're not alone






Am         G                            C                F

Come along with me and don't be scared

Am      G                        C

I just wanna set you free


C'mon, c'mon, c'mon

Am           G                        C     F

You and me can make it anywhere

Am                           G                       C     F

For now, we can stay here for a while

Am                                      G                       C      F

Cause you know, I just wanna see you smile



                            [Pre-Chorus]                [Chorus]







                                F      Am       G

And when you're weak I'll be strong

                    F      Am        G

I'm gonna keep holding on

                             F           Am         G

Now don't you worry, it won't be long

                                            F                                          G

Darling, and when you feel like hope is gone   Just run into my arms






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One call away - Charlie Puth

Guitar Lessons Dublin | Guitar lessons Tallaght

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