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                          PERFECT LOVE        Trisha Yearwood   Capo 3



D                                                  A

Sunday mornin' when the paper comes

                          G                                                    A

Let's read it front to back and see what's going on

D                                             A                                   G

Drink our coffee by the flower bed and talk about the stuff


That's running through our heads

Bm                                           G                     Bm                                           A

When you look at me the way you do, I can't help but look right back 

at You





D                           A                                                G                             A 

Yeah, this is a perfect love we're doing nothing but what a perfect love does                                

D                                                A                           G                                A

We're not trying to make history, it's just you and me in a perfect love




D                                       A

Hey let's drive to the edge of town 

                             G                                           A

See what there is to see and then turn back around

D                                        A

Stop by and see your mom and dad

                           G                                    A

And hear 'em talk about the busy week they had

Bm                                      G                         Bm                                A

Then let's take a walk beside the lake, See what kind'a fun we can make


*Repeat chorus* 


Instrumental....(D A G A) 2x's


G               A      Bm

(Oh) ain't it a perfect love

    G                A             Bm       A

I know you love me just because   (*Repeat Chorus*) 


D              A     G       A

Oh ain't it a perfect love       3x's














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     PERFECT LOVE -  Trisha Yearwood

Guitar Lessons Dublin | Guitar lessons Tallaght

Guitar Lessons Dublin | Guitar lessons Tallaght

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