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                    READY                                KODALINE                  CAPO 2


        G                                                            /

You tell me that you're ready, but you just don't know

       Em                                                   /

My eyes are getting heavy and it's starting to show

 C                                      /

Never seen it coming, never seen a thing

   D                                                         /

Baby I'll get through whatever's coming to me


    G                                                /

I've been so unlucky, I don't know what to say

     Em                                                     /

Running out of money I've been Wasting away

         C                                     /

I've never seen it coming, never seen a thing

  D                                                /

Baby I'll get true whatever's coming to me


                                     Em                       /                    D                 /

PRE CHORUS  :If we fall (we fall down). If we we fall (we fall down)

                   C       /                          D       /

If we fall down I'll be ready  to crawl


                        G                     /                                   Em                       /

CHORUS            I’m ready,     Im ready for it                  I’m ready,    I’m ready for it

       D                    /                   C   D

I’m ready,     I’m ready for it all


 G                                                    /

Look me in the eye when I'm talking to you

       Em                                                   /

It's easy to get nervous, I've been feeling it too

   C                                    /

Yeah it's kinda crazy, yeah it's kinda dumb

  D                                                 /

Never let the pressure overpower the fun

  G                                                           /

Yeah I'll show you Paris, probably set it to you

 Em                                                          /

Follow what you're loving, you can love what you do,

   C                                       /

Never let the pressure tell you that you're not

 D                                          /

Capable of being everything that you want!


PRE CHORUS                CHORUS  ( 2 )



Em / D /  Am  /   C D   CHORUS ( 2 )   Look me in the eye  -----  fun        CHORUS



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                     READY - Kodaline     

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